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Georgi Vasilski

JAVA Developer

My first encounter with high technological devices happened when I was in the high school, but the real passion came right after my graduation from the University with master degree in Psychology, Paediatrics and Speech Therapy. Then I was admitted to study Information Technologies and Computer Programming at Heirich-Heine University in Dusseldorf/Germany where I laid a solid foundation of OOP programming with JAVA and ever since I endeavour to dive deeper into the core and heart of the computer science. During my studies I have developed strong analytical and problems solving skills and became eager to explore opportunities, turning new ideas and concepts into creation of software products.

An undertaken self-funded course in Development Professional Programmer with JUST IT gives me a notable aid in my transition of moving from my previous working field to the world of the Software Design and Programming as well as significant knowledge of some other programming languages, e.g. HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript also required for UI of Java Web Development.

Considering my strong motivation to further progress, wrapped in passion for developing robust scalable software products, my professional aim is to broaden my technical knowledge and programming skills and to take part in large projects.

I am flexible, open-minded to innovations and willing to learn more and more, very keen of programming, sociable person and brilliant communicator.

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Online Shopping web-site

This is one of the latest completed projects in Back-end development. This Java web application has been designed to use its own database to store information about personal account details and corresponding purchases. To complete the process of a purchase I have added a functionality of sending a payment requests to the Bank System I have developed for the below projects. If the response based on funds availability and correct data input of personal details, bank account and CVC number, returns status OK, then the web server sends confirmation email with listed purchased items, the total paid amount and VAT. When logged in you are able, from the drop-down menu where your name is, to check your personal details, change the postal or billing address and to have a look at your purchases displayed in a table. Your shopping basket content can be amended by removing or adding items, increase or decrease the number of a certain item at any point prior to the payment section.

To develop this project, I have used Java Servlets, JavaServer Pages, EL, WebMVC, Maven, HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap components.

Online Banking web-site

This project has been created in addition to Bank Assistant and ATM projects and it shares data from the same MySQL Database. Banking online services are another convenient way to monitor and control your finances. This Java web application has options to check the balance, transactions, personal details, to make payments to other bank account within the Bank System and to change your login password. In order to be able to use the online services you have to open an account with Bank Assistant program, thereafter navigate to the sign-up section and create a login username and password to get access.

For this project I have used Java Servlets, JSP, Maven, HTML5, CSS3 and deployed it to a JBoss Application web server. The database is the same as the Bank Assistant program and ATM.


This is a GUI desktop application that I have developed in addition to my Bank Assistant program. They both share the data from the same Database server. It has almost the same functionality and features as the well-known CashPoint machines from the real life. This software also has two versions which differ in the manner data has been retrieved from the data-source. The original version was designed to use a micro SD card simulating the insertion of a bank card into the CashPoint device. The information stored on the chip (respectively SD card) is obtained via I/O and has three parameters: card lock number, which set to 'zero' allows access to the ATM services and set to 'one' restricts the access, then the next two parameters are bank account number and PIN number. Three unsuccessful attempts to enter the correct PIN will result to first parameter to be set to 'one' and card will be rejected. Otherwise the access is granted and ATM software connects to MySQL Database server via JDBC. The second version uses auxiliary window where you can choose the bank account number from the list retrieved from the server and another window pops up displaying your bank card with all your details including CVC which is required for the online shopping website I have created. Options are: change the PIN, withdraw fixed amount or by choice, not exceeding 300 pounds, check your balance and optional receipt. Initially the Cash machine contains 5000 pounds, so there is an option to refill it. Watch the video or try it yourself by downloading the jar file from my github repository.

Technologies used for the project are Java Swing for UI, Core Java for the functionality, Java Networking and SQL

Bank Assistant

This is a GUI desktop application completely designed and developed with Java. It is a simplified Bank Assistant software that enables the user to create accounts, alter the status of the available overdraft, check or monitor the transactions of a particular account displayed in descending order, move funds between accounts, make deposits or withdrawals, set an interest rate applicable to the entire accounts' database, changing the personal account holder's mail address and finally close an account. In general, it has almost all the functionality of a real life banking system.

This software has been designed in two different versions. The original version stores the data in a local file, using I/O DataStream and the second version uses JDBC connection to a MySQL Database Server. Swing components have been used for the Graphical UI.

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Development Professional Programme

Just IT

Java Certified Professional Programme

Barnet Southgate College

Information Technologies and Computer Programming (Informatics)

Heinrich-Heine University, DUSSELDORF / GERMANY

Psychology, Paediatrics and Speech Therapy

South-West University, Blagoevgrad / Bulgaria


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